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R-Place Bakery specializes in Wedding Cakes which are not only beautiful, they taste fabulous!!! We take pride in making your special day perfect. The tradition of a beautiful wedding cake and an unbelievable cookie table is one of the most important parts a reception and Chef Rus will make day memorable.

R-Place Bakery is also known for making beautifully decorated cakes for birthdays, graduations, retirements, or any special event. You can select a personalized decoration or bring in any photograph and have an edible image scanned directly onto your cake. Our butter-cream icing makes these cakes taste as wonderful as the look without being too sweet!!

We have a reputation of having the best cookies in the area at the most reasonable prices. Our thumbprints are second to NONE! Need a wedding, graduation or shower favor??? Photo cookies are just perfect! If you need cookies for the holidays or weddings, R-Place is Your Place for beautiful, great tasting pastries.

R-Place has made a good idea even better!! We have the best nut, apricot and poppy seed rolls in the area. We’ve also added Blueberry and Red Raspberry!!!!

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